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Recent and Upcoming Events
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On this page we'll describe some of the interesting and fun activities our organization sponsors or important dates.

Recent Events

It's not easy bein' green


Upcoming Events

Although we don't have an upcoming meeting, if there is an area in which you need help or information, please let us know.  We will attempt to locate a professional to speak and set up a special meeting.   

Some topics we have covered in the past...  if you want to see us repeat any of these, let us know.

Good Comunication with the School, Service Dogs and their use with children with anxiety issues and autism, How to make the most of the five minutes you actually get to spend with the specialist, Transition Issues (from school to work), State and federal programs and services, Behavior Modification, the TEFRA Option, Extended School Years Services (and the 10 criteria that can qualify your child for ESY).

To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.