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We have gotten help from some people in the community and want to recognize them. 

Some of the people/businesses that contributed to the teacher dinner:
Benali's Ristorante
1131 S. Aspen Ave
Broken Arrow    918-258-1972
Try them for lunch or dinner.  Excellent Italian food.
Dana's Grooming
81st and Aspen (inside Love A Pet)
Broken Arrow   918-251-7130 
She grooms dogs up to 40 pounds.  Please call for an appointment.  31 years experience. 
Larry Allison
ReMax Real Estate
25101 E. 71st Street
Broken Arrow   918-357-3454
10302 E. 71st Street
Kenosha Cafe
71st Street across from Rhema Bible College Gym 
Broken Arrow   918-258-5444
And a special thanks to our members that contributed also. 

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