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Welcome to the web site of Involved Effective Parents (formally the Special Education Parent Association)!


We do not have a date for our next meeting.  Help and support is available through our email list and over the phone.  Please contact askbuford@cox.net  More information will be posted as it becomes available. 

If you want your child to get summer services, now is the time to be thinking about it. 
Extended School Year Services
ESY is anything above and beyond the 180 days of the regular school year. Although most people call it summer school, it can be during any break if the student needs services. 
There are 10 criteria that can qualify a student for ESY, regression/recoupment is only one of those ten. Most of us have heard from someone at the school, "Your child doesn't regress so they don't qualify."  In the school's defense, most teachers don't read the law, they go by what the school tells them. Many districts are unaware of the caselaw that outlines the ten criteria. Find out what they are and how to ask the school for what your child needs without being "the parent from hell."  Always remember you have a long, on-going relationship with the school and every good relationship requires work.  
Asking for ESY can also improve your regular program.  And you don't have to take the cookie cutter program they offer.  You need to be addressing ESY with the school by mid March at the latest.  And learning how to ask for what you want can make a big difference in the answer you get.  Please contact us for classes and resources for learning these skills. 

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Mission Statement
Our mission is to further appropriate educational opportunities for children with disabilities.
  • Offer support for families
  • Instruct and inform parents and professionals
  • Assist with Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs) and related services
  • Promote open communication with school administration

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